Female, Fat and 50 Scuba Diving

Scuba diving for the first time Have you ever wanted to dive but the thought of being underwater scares you off? When I turned 50, I decided that there were enough excuses - now was...

Prescription Lenses for Diving Mask

How much brighter the underwater world is now! I can finally see my dive computer without holding it a meter from my eyes, my SPG is no longer a blur and those little nudibranchs...

Scuba Diving Health Benefits

Scuba diving is generally known as a perfectly pleasurable and at times adrenaline boosting activity, however, nearly all do not realize that SCUBA diving possesses numerous health advantages. Regardless of whether you have just...

Choosing Diving Gear

I believe many of us, whether you are a really skilled dive instructor or an infrequent holiday diver, can be aware of our first time wearing scuba gear. Initially, it appears like “so much...

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