How much brighter the underwater world is now! I can finally see my dive computer without holding it a meter from my eyes, my SPG is no longer a blur and those little nudibranchs no longer a hazy blur of color.

I discovered a couple of days ago that you can get lenses for your diving masks with a prescription in them. I’ve been diving for seven months and I never knew that these even existed. I was relying on the magnification of water to solve my aging eyes problem, but no more.

Since turning 40, I can see clearly in a distance but have troubles with items close to me. I’m now 51 years old and I used reading glasses for everything from labels in cans and books.

My husband normally wears bifocals. When he was diving, he didn’t realize that he was not seeing things that he should have been able to see. He could see the reefs but not the macro things that I could see.

At our last visit to the diving mecca that is our local dive shop, Adreno Scuba Diving, I learned about the holy grail of ready-made prescription lenses for dive masks.

One simple selection of either a bifocal lens or full lens in a prescription range of plus 4 to minus 4, and you are set to see the underwater world clearly. No need for a trip to the optometrist or sending masks off. Just buy the mask choose the lens and insert.

The underwater world is even more magical now that I can see clearly!


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