Say Hello to our Scuba Diver of the Month, April Rose Galono! She is a Marine Biologist and an Advanced Rescue Diver from the Philippines.

Currently working as an Aquaculturist I and the assigned underwater monitoring specialist for BFAR-National Mariculture Center. It’s her responsibility to ensure all Marine fish cages in Panabo are in good condition while monitoring water quality and underwater condition.

She’s also an active ocean defender participating in various activities and programs aiming to protect the ocean and promoting marine conservation!

Question and Answer

Why did you choose Marine Biology as your course?

– I chose it because it is a unique course that offers a wide range of opportunities in the field of marine science. To put it simply, I just love the ocean (even though I am not a good swimmer).

When did you start scuba diving?

– It was in my 3rd year in college when SCUBA diving was introduced to us. And then I can’t stop loving it up until now.

How many years have you been scuba diving?

-hmmm.. 10years.

What do you love most about your course?

– I love the privilege to observe/study the behavior of different marine species in the ocean. The world under the water is beyond extraordinary.

What’s your most memorable scuba diving experience?

-It was 3years ago when my buddy wanted to reach 80ft. So we plan our dive. Determined the minutes we will stay at that depth, proper accending etc.. After reaching 80ft, we stayed there for about 3 mins. Before leaving, we saw two trevally jacks swimming towards us. So I decided to take a picture. I was shocked when the next fish I saw was a big barracuda!  Not just one but many.. When I looked up. There were more barracudas encircling us. So I check my buddy if he saw it. I panicked and almost forgot to take pictures or a video. Luckily, I had the courage to grab my camera and took pictures and some videos. I still have the videos of them during that dive. They didn’t attack us actually. Maybe these myths about barracudas aren’t true at all.

Where is the best diving spot in the Philippines?

– I think the Tubbataha Reef. I don’t know. I’ve never been there actually. But that is one of the dive spots I want to visit in the future.

Any tips to those who want to try scuba diving?

1. Before diving in an open sea, enroll in a scuba diving center to get the proper training and guidance and to be more confident in the water.

2. Do not touch or destroy anything during underwater activities. Be a responsible diver and…

3. Appreciate and love the God-given marine treasures. Not everyone has the privilege to see them.

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