Say hello to our Scuba Diver of the Month, Jane Ruckert! She’s a Technical Officer at IMAS (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies) in Tasmania, Australia and she dives and is on the water for 80 days a year! It’s our dream job, right? Jane loves underwater photography and scuba diving in her spare time. A woman with great passion for the ocean, marine life, scuba diving, and photography. Dedication. Enthusiasm. Hobby.

Jane is currently completing her Divemaster certification and works occasionally for a local dive shop driving boats on weekends. She loves the water! When she’s not in a boat or underwater, she’s also a deputy dive officer at work. This role involves looking after the dive gear at work that her team uses for research – servicing and fixing problems and making sure everyone has the right gear. I might send my gear her way next time I need help!

Looking back…

Jane studied Marine Science at the University of Tasmania and soon realized she needed to dive if she wanted to be a marine scientist!!! She got her Open Water certification in 2012 but it it wasn’t until she was diving in Cambodia in 2014 that she found her passion for diving!  

After earning her degree, Jane deferred her career as a marine scientist and instead owned a cafe. That was, until the day a customer came into the cafe and they started talking about marine science and scuba diving.

From that point, she was offered an internship at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies in Tasmania. She started in November 2015 and undertook her first step into commercial diving in February 2016, completing her ADAS Part 1 Restricted Diving Certification (scientific diver to 30 meters). Jane then spent around 18 months volunteering and working casually as a scientific diver on a number of marine science research projects.

Scuba Diving: Her Meditation

According to Jane, she finds scuba diving to be an amazing meditation, “You just have to focus on breathing and enjoying the scenery … and occasionally working.” She said, “Once you have fine-tuned your buoyancy skills, it’s like you’re flying!”

She added that the ocean appeals to her because she’s an adventurer at heart and sees it as one of the final frontiers!! “So vast and yet so unknown! I aim to start my tech diving journey this year, and get in deep decompression diving, preferably on a closed circuit rebreather!”

We had a few Questions for Jane

What’s your most memorable scuba diving experience?


My most memorable diving experience was in Fiji, Christmas day, 2016. I love sharks, and this was the first time I went on a dedicated shark dive! Dropped down into 30 meters of visibility off a beautiful coral covered wall. As we got to about 15 meters tens of sharks poured over a ledge about 25m below us. They checked us out for the whole dive and I was in heaven.

What’s your favorite diving spot?

My favorite diving spot is pretty much anywhere in Tasmania, Australia! So many different things to see, and even some of the sites I’ve dived about 20+ times still have the best surprises in store. Giant kelp forests, seagrass meadows and everything in between.

What do you love most about your job?

My job takes me to some of the most beautiful places in Australia, and dive in some spectacular places, all the while contributing to marine science and learning something new every day.

Any tips to those who want to try scuba diving?

For anyone wanting to try diving, go for it!! Even if you struggle the first, second or third time, it is well worth it. Take it slow!! Diving isn’t a race. There is an amazing world out there to discover.

What are your hobbies?

When I go on holiday … I go diving but my other hobbies include adventure motorcycling, karate and playing the violin.

I have an underwater photography page on Facebook and Instagram. Beneath The Mirror. I’m hoping to start a podcast in early August. Updates will go on my Facebook and IG page.

Check out her page:

Instagram: @beneath the mirror
Twitter: @octojane
Facebook: @beneaththemirror

Would you like to be our Diver of the Month? Reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch.


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